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We’re Back! Meet The Medley 2.0
The Medley, formerly known as The T Medley, is a safe space where every voice can be heard and shared without judgement. It is centered around us, the dreamers, believers, and challengers, and will help us unlock our full potential.

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Happy end of Summer! Said no one ever? It’s been a while since we last talked and to keep it real, I lost direction. I’m sure some of you can relate with how the last few years have gone. You may have noticed that some previous content is missing. I’ll admit, I rage-archived a few posts you may have loved. Imagine a bad breakup where you unnecessarily hurt yourself more in the process. I know. SHAME! But, I promise it won’t happen again. 

Where have I been?

Well, 2020 was a lot…for all of us. We laughed, stayed up for countless late-nights, deepened relationships and discovered hidden talents. We also cried, felt stir crazy, ended relationships, and came to a rough battle of realizing our truths and sincere identities. In 2020, I ended an internship that drained me, became a certified life coach, graduated college, hand-developed my own digital marketing course, and got my first “big girl” job. I’m still deciding if that term’s condescending or not. I also watched my sister get married, made new friendships, and learned a lot about…everything.

Though I missed you deeply, and while I’m aware that there will never be a right time, I wanted to come back when I was ready. Ready to be consistent. Ready to be your pal and confidant. Ready to connect with you on a deeper, genuine level. Overall, I was waiting until I was ready to make content that sets fire to my soul. Content that resonates with both you and I. Bottom line, I’m here now and loving it.

What can you expect from me?

There’s more to me than fashion and makeup and while you can’t take the girly-girl out of me, I want to talk about real topics that aren’t centered around my ego. You know, the type of content that makes you go: “wait…someone else feels this way too?” yep! If there’s one thing I’ve learned, thanks to 2020 and 2021, is that we’re all just figuring life out. We always will be. So, why face the world alone if you don’t have to? That’s what we’re here for.

The Medley, formerly known as The T Medley, is now less about me and more about us. It’s a safe space where every voice can be heard regardless of your background. A place where we can dive into opinion pieces and mental health conversations without the fear of judgement. A collaborative resource that gives limitless guidance from checklists and articles to self-paced courses and coaching. Most of all, a community that’s centered around us — the dreamers, believers, and challengers. The inquisitive ones, the ones who need a push to follow their passion or the ones who need a reminder that they are capable. Together, we’re going to unlock your full potential. You recommend the subject, and we’ll address it.


I can’t wait to see how our community unfolds. There will be LOTS of content to kick things off this August. Keep your notifications turned on and visit our Instagram page to stay up-to-date.  If no one else has told you this this week: you’re doing incredible because you’re doing your best and I’m so proud of you. Btw, I like the way you let your hair happen today. Don’t forget to do one thing this week that pushes you out of your comfort zone — I want to hear about it in the comments below. Scared to let yourself down? Don’t worry, we’ll pick you back up. Stay golden and spread love.

Until next time, 

The Medley 


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2 months ago

Love this!

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